Moon Water

I want to bring you to my womb

The moon water lake!

To visit this wonderland

Look, look at the lava of the volcano

Thick like honey, red as rubies

A half-dead lumpish dragon floating 

On the moon water

You are scared of

My cramps, scent of a woman

The taste of my blood!

Flood! Red cloud! A Hurricane called M..F

It is salty and bitter as the ocean

No, it's more bitter than my tears, it is BLOOD


O  an open cervix

You meditated on my lips

Drank the last drop of dew



The old generation of Chinese call menstrual blood as moon water “月水”, and traditional Chinese herbalists even use the blood as one of the ingredients in their medicines.  Menstrual blood, just as amniotic fluid, is a metaphor for women's sufferings and rebirth. 

A.B. wrote the following comments on this poem: "The menstrual cycle embodies the soul of woman-ness, the unfathomable depths of her mystery and power...Most people have an innate aversion to blood, their own included. "

Men's innate aversion to women's menstrual blood makes me wonder if this fluid has some profound mystical feminine power.