What is Red

---For my Colorblind brother, the Malaysian poet Chian aka Red River

What is red?

I asked

And raised my silk red veil to your face

“Red”, you said

As red as summer tomatoes


What is purple?

I asked.

With a finger pointed toward the sky.

“Purple”, you said

A mystery likes a UFO


What is yellow?

I asked

While we were running in the wild field

Yellow, you said

Yellow is a daffodil among the grass


What is green?

I asked

A cat opened its eyes after a nap in my arms

Green, you said

The color of jealous eyes.


What is black?

I asked

A parade for a funeral was passing by

“It smells black”

You said

Dark as if passing through death’s tunnel.


What is orange?

I asked

We stopped at traffic light

“Here comes the orange!”

You yelled

Let me know when I should slow down sailing

Toward your harbor.


What is blue?

I asked

The shadow of sadness covered your eyes

“A melancholy sigh from your lips

Will make me cry.”


What is the color of the heart?

I asked

And let you touch my throbbing pulse

"The rainbow"

You said,

"A bridge after the rain."