Happiness Is Always Future

You asked me what you mean to me

I said

You reminded me of fleeting joy

In kinder-garden

My pal

My lost laughter in youth

You brought






You mean danger

A cliff in my dream

About to jump

A mirage in the desert

Only elevate my thirst

A piece of cloud over my face

A sorrow that hesitates

An unpredictable fate



You mean tenderness to me

You made my voice soft, my face soft

And my heart a piece of tender lamb chop

A sad smile on your pale face

You put blue lavender on my hair



I am afraid my imprudence

Will break the thin rice paper


You represent a wild river

That I am not able to across

I only can sit on the bank of the riverside


Wait for the calmness of your temper


You said

Let’s hope for the future

I do not know if such a thing will last forever

Never, I will be really sad

Why happiness is always future

No matter how fast I run

I can never catch up with your shadow