Twist Of Fate

Years ago

Mom went to the temple

She received a fortune stick saying,

"Your daughter will be in trouble.”

I met a psychic on the corner of the street

She said someone cast a spell on me

She said someone put that voodoo on me

"You never had any luck with love

Your soulmate was waiting

But you will miss him inside New York City subway"

Twist of fate.


Looked at every stranger's face on subway platform

Talked to my astrologer late at night

He said,

"I just read your tarot card over my pizza plate.”

He said,

"Fill the credit card form and take your personality test."

I told him

I have fantasies of death

He immediately said,

“Give me the cash instead.”

Twist of fate.


"Buy 99 roses" he said,

"And wrap a ten-dollar bill around

And send them to me.

"I will let money wed the rose

I will make magic potions out of souls

The broken-heart birthmark on your neck

Is not just pure coincidence

My test will make you feel at risk

My forecast will make you feel fake


But it is the

Twist of fate."


"I am the master of human destinies,"

A prophet promised

Fame and fortune would knock on my door

Deserts and seas I would explore

Exotic cities all under my feet

"Fame is in your palm

Stars are shining above

But just believe

Everything is a


Twist of fate. "


But tell me about love,

Where is my sweetheart?

"Oh, love,

Love is a poets' lute

Love is a mirage

In the deserts

The more you chase

The farther it recedes

Follow the yellow brick road and

See the architects of your fate

They will build your love castle

In a twist of fate.


So I traveled like Dorothy

With a broken heart tattooed on my chest

Casanova stopped me on the road

We talked about Romeo and Juliet

He said Romeo would be my pillow tonight

He would melt under my tongue like crazy

"Come to have tea with me

There is no armor against our fates


But you will see a

Twist of fate."


Saw a geek pretending to be a psychic in Drip,

He wore sneakers and thick glasses

He did not even wear a T-shirt


He mumbled that he

Could read my chart.

He brought out a love calculator

"Ten dollars, and

I will give you an answer in two seconds."

“Have you ever lost money so quickly, my friend?"

I asked

He is playing

The twist of fate.


I am searching for a solution,

But it seems that I will end up in confusion.

Asking questions in front of all saints

I wonder if Buddha dated,

Would he end up the same

Twist of fate?