Where is Key West

--To Chi’an

You packed and rushed to Key West

Holding the phone to my chest

Can’t you hear my heart beat like a drum?

Every minute is a journey to the moon

You said you were going to see

The most beautiful sunset

You said you couldn’t wait for me to finish my words

Where is Key West?


I had to put myself to sleep

Sleeping pills and cheap liquor, help!

In the deep valley of dreams

I was following a faceless phantom to Key West

Where is Key West?


I was climbing the icy globe,

So cold, and suddenly so hot,

I was sweating,

Each inch I struggled to climb

I slid back down to the burning equator

Where is Key West?


The globe is opened up through the equator

I was holding the tip of Florida

My feet are hanging in the air

Help, SOS

Let me be there with you

Where is Key West?


Flying in the air

In my mind is all about Key West

On the pier of Melaka beach

When the stars were shining

and the waves were whispering

"Key West is the place to be, man"


You puffed another cigarette

'just driving towards the sunset"

You said it in the funniest Malay accent

"you are color blind, what will you see?"

"I can smell its puffy sperms", he said.

"The edge, the pearls, and its white foam. "


"Key West is the place to be, man,

This is the tenth time I said tonight

You have to believe in your dream"

He said.


Then I rushed back home to search the map

Oh, There is the Republic of Dreams

Between the sea of clouds and the sea of unseen.

Its citizens love youth, beauty, splendor,

wisdom, generosity, music and  dance

Everyone has to pass a poetry test

To get an authentic dreamland passport


Are there mosquitoes in Key West


And no man can rescue you.”

Ai, Chi’an, just pick up your sword

Kill those insects for me

They said my blood is too sweet

Should I sell my blood to that leech

and get a ticket to Key West?



* Chi’an said that he was flying to Miami, but was caught by INS for invalid entry visa.