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Consumed     2013-12-30
Be still and listen, it might be shocking
        you need not move for recognition
        i have been consumed

        Immersed in your flesh        the taste of your skin is lifeless
        the very scent of your coolness consumes me        Say nothing for the time be......
I exist only
        In the magazine
        Folded on myself.

        I am a curve
        Far beyond reach.

        I am Lolita
        In your saliva.

        I am decorated
        Naked fantasy.

        I am unattainable,
A Spinster's Cry     2013-12-30
I would rather have a ghost        Sing a ghostly song        At least, I will have his company.        Dressed in this cursed spinster's silk,        I look like a carved saint.                 They say I may be better off a nun,        At least I can be the handmaiden of Jesus.......
Ma, It’s Dark Here     2013-12-30
Ma, it’s dark here        The candies are hanging beyond reach        I can only see the ceiling        The girls are outside laughing        And I only lay down here dreaming                 Ma, it’s dark here        I haven’t seen the sunshine since last spring        My tin soldie......
What is Red     2013-12-30
---For my Colorblind brother, the Malaysian poet Chian aka Red River        What is red?        I asked        And raised my silk red veil to your face        “Red”, you said        As red as summer tomatoes                 What is purple?        I asked.        With a finger pointed toward ......
Moon Water     2013-12-30
I want to bring you to my womb        The moon water lake!        To visit this wonderland        Look, look at the lava of the volcano
        Thick like honey, red as rubies        
A half-dead lumpish dragon floating         On the moon water        You are scared of
Where is Key West     2013-12-30
--To Chi’an        You packed and rushed to Key West        Holding the phone to my chest        Can’t you hear my heart beat like a drum?        Every minute is a journey to the moon        You said you were going to see        The most beautiful sunset        You said you couldn’t......
Watching Fireflies in KL on Xmas 1998     2013-12-30
We drove to see the fireflies        Surprised a night like this        No one but a boatman quietly rowing         Thousands of fireflies        Stars, moon and lightning        All at once   surreal        Fiery sparkles        dropped like rain        As if the angels were welding\......
Twist Of Fate     2013-12-30
Years ago        Mom went to the temple        She received a fortune stick saying,        "Your daughter will be in trouble.”        I met a psychic on the corner of the street        She said someone cast a spell on me        She said someone put that voodoo on me        "Yo......
Trembling lips     2013-12-30
I have been poisoned        By your nectar        The pains I took to hide my joy        Are sheer as crystal        I thought, soon this will pass         Aa… aches!  What a fool I was        The wind kisses, calling your name aloud        The music whispers, begging me to kiss yo......