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I am Hanuman, you are my Tathāgata 我是猴子,你是如来     2020-08-23
I am Hanuman, you are my Tathāgata我是猴子,你是如来It happened on my birthday in 2013. I was in the dining hall at the Esalen Institute and suddenly found myself joined by a young man from Chile. When he found out I was from China, he could not stop from going on about I Ching and how it affected his life and decision to come to the US.  And how so much of the strange interplanetary phenomena he had encountered during his life showed amazing connections with his study of ancient Chinese wisdom. I was fascinated, not......
Poems for Vladimir Kush's artworks     2014-04-14
No Money     2013-12-30
They came from the east and west
        Asking money from me
        They came from the south and the north
        Asking money from me
        But I have no money
        And I won't give even if I have
        And if I give, it won't be much        Money is paper
Candy Hurts     2013-12-30
If someday, somewhere        Children come and ask me about you        What am I going to say?        Should I tell them        That love used to be so sweet        Sweet as candies        Yet so bitter, it made me cry        "How can sweets make tears?        How can candies never blame?”......
Consumed     2013-12-30
Be still and listen, it might be shocking
        you need not move for recognition
        i have been consumed

        Immersed in your flesh        the taste of your skin is lifeless
        the very scent of your coolness consumes me        Say nothing for the time be......
I exist only
        In the magazine
        Folded on myself.

        I am a curve
        Far beyond reach.

        I am Lolita
        In your saliva.

        I am decorated
        Naked fantasy.

        I am unattainable,
A Spinster's Cry     2013-12-30
I would rather have a ghost        Sing a ghostly song        At least, I will have his company.        Dressed in this cursed spinster's silk,        I look like a carved saint.                 They say I may be better off a nun,        At least I can be the handmaiden of Jesus.......
Ma, It’s Dark Here     2013-12-30
Ma, it’s dark here        The candies are hanging beyond reach        I can only see the ceiling        The girls are outside laughing        And I only lay down here dreaming                 Ma, it’s dark here        I haven’t seen the sunshine since last spring        My tin soldie......
What is Red     2013-12-30
---For my Colorblind brother, the Malaysian poet Chian aka Red River        What is red?        I asked        And raised my silk red veil to your face        “Red”, you said        As red as summer tomatoes                 What is purple?        I asked.        With a finger pointed toward ......
Moon Water     2013-12-30
I want to bring you to my womb        The moon water lake!        To visit this wonderland        Look, look at the lava of the volcano
        Thick like honey, red as rubies        
A half-dead lumpish dragon floating         On the moon water        You are scared of